Our Man In Phuket

by Alan R. Cooke MBE


In the mid-fifties the author set out to find work and a life overseas as a construction diver. Determined to get away from the austerity of post war Britain, he spent the second half of the last century pursuing a challenging underwater and marine construction career. After leaving school just short of his fifteenth birthday, then by way of his father’s timber yard in North West London, an office boy, and the Royal Engineers emerging after three years as a trained Royal Naval Diver. The following tale tells of the fortunes, and vagaries of this much traveled man. On retirement to Phuket, where he had worked previously, and as a modestly successful businessman, he was appointed British Honorary Consul covering the island’s murder, mayhem and sorry tales of Brits abroad, the Andaman Tsunami, and Flight 269 plane crash.

Our Man In Phuket

Available now as a limited deluxe hardback edition (198 printed pages) and e-book.

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The Army – Royal Engineers

Having jumped out of the plane I looked up to check that the chute had opened and saw all the tangled rigging. I tried to twist my body in order to unravel it, concentrating so hard on the task in hand that I forgot I was plummeting towards the ground. I vaguely picked up the voice on the loud speaker, “Look down Number Ten”, and realised he was shouting at me. Having woken up I looked down at the same time I hit the ground like a rag doll…

Standard Diving gear

Young Sapper Cooke, aged 18, dressed in standard diving dress, sometimes referred to as Hard Hat diving. He needs a haircut, so much for Royal Navy discipline.

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“All in all, Our Man in Phuket is a straightforward and entertaining read. It’s a short walk down memory lane through a colorful, one may almost say worthy, expat life, and a nice memoir of Phuket round the turn of the millennium.” read more of this and other reviews…

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